SoWe Mural Project

The SoWe Mural Project is a visual arts program that seeks to build and foster a stronger sense of community through shared representational images in the SoWe neighborhood. Conceived by Two Dudes Painting Company, along with the valuable assistance of local artists Amber Kane, Matthew Chapman and Jonathan Yeager, we hope to introduce vibrant colorful design into our area that will promote neighborhood pride, community awareness and artistic expression.



The SoWe Mural Project is centered at Two Dudes Painting Company where a large (approx. 80’x16’) mural has been painted on the side of our building. This large abstract design then formed the foundation of 27 mini-murals throughout the SoWe Neighborhood. Using this image as a basis for design, we asked other local artists to re-interpret this abstract geometric form and create their own “mini-mural” design that can then be painted on a location throughout the SoWe neighborhood. These mini-murals of approx. 6-20 square feet have been painted on retaining walls, concrete stair foundations, fences, and other surfaces, creating a multitude of unique yet connected artistic moments throughout the community.