Samantha Seifried

  • DUDES ROLE: Customer Advocate
  • IF I WERE A SUPERHERO, MY SUPER POWER WOULD BE: Poof, the house is clean and organized! Yes, my super power would be super cleaning.
  • MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: The home I share with Josh, inside or out, we've created a peaceful environment that I love to wake up to or come home to.
  • I MOST ADMIRE: (1) mom, she's awesome - literally the best woman you've ever met. (2) dad, he's awesome too - he knows something about EVERYTHING. (3) Beyoncé, no words.
  • FAMILY SITUATION: Married to Josh for 10 years, 2 kitties at home & most of our family is within 5-60 minutes of our home.
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